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Access highly-vetted real estate investment opportunities. No accreditation required. Low minimum investments. Become a real estate investor on Pistachio.

*Investments are risky, illiquid and may result in total loss of capital.

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Expected launch Winter 2021

How does it work?


Fund the real estate projects and funds that fit your goals. Diversify by investing a small amount into multiple offerings.


While holding your investment, some offerings may return a dividend or distribution during the holding period.


At the conclusion of the investment period (if applicable), you may make a return if the project or fund you invest in is successful.

*Investments are risky, illiquid and may result in total loss of capital.

Why invest in real estate?

Passive Income

Earn income from real estate without active involvement, management or time commitment

Predictable Cash Flow

Rental property offerings provide steady cash flow through dividend payouts

Capital Appreciation

Historically, US residential and commercial real estate prices have increased over time

Inflation Hedge

Property values, long term rents and short term stays typically increase during times of inflation

Tax Benefits

There are numerous tax breaks and favorable deductions associated with real estate investing*


Spread capital over a variety of properties and offerings to increase diversification

Risk notice: Investments in real estate are speculative and involve a high degree of risk. Investments should not be made by any person who cannot afford the loss of the entire investment. The real estate benefits above are not guaranteed and do not necessarily apply to every real estate investment.

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